Ybor Gold Coffee

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1905 Havana Blend Cuban coffee

Based in Tampa, Florida, Ybor Gold Coffee is a coffee roaster that offers beans from plantations around the world.  We pride ourselves with unique quality flavors to bring you the  best. Our two favorites that our coffee drinkers love are the Ybor Blend which is an everyday coffee with a rich full bodied nutty flavor French roast and the 1905 Havana Roast, A Cuban coffee recipe developed at the turn of the century by immigrants that migrated to Ybor City Florida.  It has become the favorite of Cubans, Sicilians, Latinos and everyone that HAS TASTED A CUP ..

Once you HAVE TASTED THE HISTORY, you won’t want any other. THE  COFFEE  can be brewed using a drip type coffee maker, an espresso machine, or an old type of drip cloth. The directions for brewing are printed on each bag of beans or grounds.